Social Programs

Social Program

Make a Meal Up or Cultural Dinner Night

Basically this idea is simple-

Find some residents willing to experiment with food. Find recipes that sound interesting i.e. Ratatoulie, Borscht, Lentil Quisine. Get a P.O. for a grocery store and pick up the ingriedents no one wants to donate. Then its just a matter of cooking the food and setting up a place to eat a lounge works good

Target: Floor Residents

Cost: 20-50 dollars depending on recipes

Setup Time: half hour
Activity Time: 1-2 hours
Clean Up Time: hour (about)
Difficulty: Medium
Rating: 9/10
I would certainly do this activity again it is a good community builder
Advertising: signs in the kitchen and on wing doors.

Social Activity


Basically wait for the snow to fall and grab some residents and go flying down the hills by diamond point park

Target: Anyone, Everyone the more the merryer
Cost: Free
Activity Time: As long as everyone is happy
Clean Up Time: As long as it takes everyone to walk back
Difficulty: Easy
Rating: 7/10 this one is harder to pull off with older guys
I would do this again it's lots of fun for everyone - especailly those who have never seen snow before
Advertising: since this usually depends on the wheather word of mouth works great!

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