Wiki Policies

These are some general rules and policies this wiki will follow. Feel free to discuss ideas you have for policies regarding the RA Wiki on this page.


Anyone can view this site, but only site members will be able to edit this page. To become a site member simply sign on using the password provided to you by Res Life. If you don't know this password or never got it, contact (xxxxxxxxxx) to receive it.

I don't know if only current employees should be able to edit, or also past employees. Would old veterans still look at this site and offer advice? Does it make a difference? If we decide only current employees should be able to edit, then we can simply change the password yearly, or every semester.


Currently, nothing is sacred. If you see errors and changes or feel you can improve something, do it. From major concepts all the way on down to typos, anyone can and should edit anything they feel needs editing.

Do we like this? Do we not?


In matters that concern residents, other staff, etc. we need to maintain confidentiality. Change names to generic ones (i.e. John Doe, Jane Doe) when writing about incidents in particular. Any other areas of confidentiality we need to look out for?

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