Community Agreement Form

Department of Residential Life


The objective of the Community Agreement is to assist community members in defining what they would like to see happen in their floor community. After its completion, all community members will be asked to sign the Community Agreement. A copy of the Community Agreement will be posted on the floor by the third Monday each semester.

Residence Hall Floor

RA Date

I. Leadership Opportunities/Personal Development:

A. Community members who will regularly attend Hall Council are:

B. Community members who will be involved with the Floor Advisory Board (FAB) are:

C. Other community leadership positions will be:

D. Current community members involved in other organizations are:

II. Learning Environment:

A. Our community grade Point Average should be:

B. We can support each other in our academic endeavors by:

C. What programs can we plan to enhance our study/learning skills?

D.What topics would we like to see presented to our community? What resources and approaches can we use to examine these topics?

III. Community Development:

A. Respect hours are expected 24 hours a day. However, specific quiet hours are usually desired during certain parts of the day. On weekdays, our quiet hours will begin at and end at _. On weekends, our quiet hours will start at _____ and end at

B. What types of programs would we like to plan in order to enhance our Community?

C. What expectations do we have of each other in regard to our actions and attitudes toward each other in our community?

D.What expectations do we have of our Resident Assistant?

E. What expectations does the Resident Assistant have of the community members?

F.How can we develop a sense of community on our floor?

G. The following behaviors are expected in the following areas:

1. Bathroom

2. Kitchen

3. Hallway

4. Other Areas

IV. As a community, we will approach community members not meeting an expectation in the following manner:

V. What will be the outcomes of not meeting an expectation?

By signing the Community Agreement, I agree that I have read it and will follow the expectations contained within. This agreement will be reviewed by the community at the beginning of every semester.

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